It's time we elected an Auditor for Salt Lake County Auditor!

My name is Scott Tingley, and I am your 2014 Republican nominee for Salt Lake County Auditor.

I am running for office because I believe that it's time we elected an Auditor for Salt Lake County Auditor. The role and responsibilities of the County Auditor's office have changed, and we need an Audit Professional to lead the office in a new direction. One that provides a tool for better government and ensures accountability for your tax dollars.

What will I bring to the County Auditor’s office that others haven’t in the past? I can sum it up in three words: Experience, Integrity, and Accountability.

I am the only candidate for Salt Lake County Auditor that is a professionally certified auditor (Certified Internal Auditor and Certified Government Auditing Professional). I have the right education, qualifications and management experience to be your County Auditor.

I will be your full-time County Auditor. As a leader, I will be involved and engaged in the day-to-day duties and responsibilities of the office. I will work to repair the relationship between the County Council and the Auditor’s office, and I will support and encourage the Council in their role as the County’s Legislative Audit Committee.

​The County Auditor should provide valuable information that helps the County improve governance, manage risks, and monitor internal controls that prevent fraud, waste, and abuse. Decision makers need unbiased information and feedback about County programs and organizations so they can make the most responsible choices when they prepare and approve the County budget each year. County organizations should be held accountable for the tax dollars they receive.

As County Auditor, I will ensure that your tax dollars are protected and used as effectively and efficiently as possible.

​We need someone with the right experience, qualifications, and integrity to lead the County Auditor’s office in a new direction. Someone that understands the value of what an Auditor can bring to the County for better government and accountability for your tax dollars. It’s time we elected an Auditor for County Auditor!

Scott Tingley, CIA, CGAP, MSAcc

Certified Internal Auditor

Certified Government Auditing Professional

​Master's of Science, Accounting

Associate Member, ​Association of

Certified Fraud Examiners

Member, Institute of Internal Auditors

Member, American Center for

Government Auditing